Chet Huntley: Newscaster From The West A New Kind Of Book
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"Chet Huntley: Newscaster From The West A New Kind Of Book" is published in English and is in a 6 x 9 softcover format. In addition to the front and back cover photos, there are also more black and white photograps in the book, some of which have rarely been seen before. 

The reason for the phrase "a new kind of book" in the title is that the literary template mixes the use of biography; descriptive writing; history (both U.S. and also much of the early days of American radio and television journalism); inspirational lessons, and numerous other items. The book also has a list of questions which can be used by instructors as a sort of template for creating an exam, about the book, for their students. The book can be purchased by clicking onto the shppping cart link on this website, or by calling the toll-free telephone number 1-855-456-4793. The book will be ready for publication in the fall of 2008. 

Most dictionaries definition of the word "synopsis" also includes the word "outline." Yet if we at Alka Press International provided an outline of Chet Huntley: Newscaster From The West A New Kind of Book, there would be no cause to buy the book. 

What we WILL provide here are some persons, places, things, and topics that are discussed in the book: 

Persons: Chet Huntley ( of course ! ); David Brinkley; Chet Huntley\\\'s mother, father, beloved grandfather ( Grandpa Tatham, a man who could have come from a 1930\\\'s Hollywood Western film), and Chet Huntley\\\'s second wife Tipton ( known to all as Tippy); Edward R. Murrow; U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard M. Nixon; U.S. Supreme Court Jutsice Earl Warren; U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater; John Chancellor; Frank McGee; NBC priducer Reuven Frank, and others. 

Places: The rural and city areas of Montana; Seattle, Washington; Spokane, Washington; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York, and other regions. 

Things: audio and video technology in the U.S. television industry from the 1950\\\'s onward; discussion of some types of microphones and television cameras in U.S. television history; animals ( including an agitated Canadian goose and, in another place and time, an upside-down sheep. Interested ? Buy the book ! ): various forms of transportation ( from sleds to jet airplanes. Interested ? Buy the book !). 

Topics: The Great Depression and the Second World War; patriotism ( it\\\'s good and bad points) and hard work ( specifically manual labor and also working on farms); the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy; smoking; railroads in the United States; a short history of Montana; the "designated hitter" rule in Major League Baseball, and other items. 

The above is to be an appetizer, so to speak, for readers of the book. To get a full course meal, again so to speak, buy a copy, or copies, of Chet Huntley: Newscaster From The West A New Kind Of Book.

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Chet Huntley: Newscaster From The West A New Kind Of Book

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